TPOB Troll Clipper With Three Covers

$69.95 $79.95
$69.95 $79.95you save $10.00

TPOB TROLL Clipper is our newest clipper, perfect fading and removing bulk.

The TROLL Super Torque motor runs at 6800-7200 RPM or 13600 strokes per minute and weighs at only 320 grams

Engineered to be perfectly balanced in your hand and comes in our SLIME Green Colourway with matte pink and matte black extra covers.

This TROLL includes out DLC Taper Blade with our Chunky Deep-Tooth Cutter.

All blades are fully adjustable to zero gap  for the closest cut and finish.

Lithium ION battery delivers 4 hours of continuous wireless runtime with a 1 hour rapid charge 

Charging time
60 min rapid charge

Working time
4 hours

Watch the Product Demo Videos below to see the amazing TPOB TROLL Trimmer results.