TPOB Ghost Trimmer - Blackout Edition


Ideal For Size Zero Cuts, Fades, Lineup, Beard, Mustache & Touch Ups Of All Sorts

Tired of spending your hard earned Money, Time and Energy on expensive Mens Hair products which don’t deliver the results you wanted? Enjoy a Professional Hair Trimmer Made Especially for Barbers & Stylists. Get the Best experience from the comfort of your own home with our Barber Trimmer! Our GHOST Hair Trimmer includes everything you need for a user-friendly Beard And Mustache Trimmer. Our Mens Beard Trimmer has a rechargeable li-ion battery which provides up to 90 minutes of continued use, having a practical Detailer Trimmer allows you to reach all angles for perfect results. The Adjustable Diamond Carbon blade provides highly precise cuts, ideal for zero Gap cuts, Outlining, sculpting, retro styling, white side-burn, Beard, mustache and more!

Technical Specs:

  • 120 Minutes of Continued Use (900mA Lithium-ion Battery)
  • 7000 Rpm Rotary Motor
  • 360 Exposed Skeleton Design
  • Cord / Cordless
  • USB Charging
  • 100-240V Worldwide Voltage

TPOB X Gold Hypoallergenic Blade

Our blades Maintain Long-term Sharpness with our high quality stainless steel or Diamond Carbon. Our Blade is known to not pull hair which is favoured by barbers for their ability to cut crisp outlines and design. Our blades are Washable. (Note: Do not Wash the Trimmer, Only the Blade)

ghost og

Luxury Packaging

High end collectible packaging, with splat decals and plush inner foam to keep your Trimmer safe after use.


Slimline Body

Slimline body is lightweight and fits comfortably in the hand.


Different Colorways

The Ghost is also available in different colorways, keep an eye on us for upcoming colors.

TPOB is a Barber and Stylist Brand that represents a new Generation of Professional Tools, Trimmers, Clippers, Shavers & Accessories aiming to bring High End Barber Tools at the Best Prices.

How we were founded?

TPOB was created in 2018 because we were sick and tired of the Barbering industry being run by Corporations and non Barbers, TPOB has quickly become one of the worlds leading clipper brands. Our company goal is to create high end products for a more affordable cost, products created by Barbers for Barbers.

Why We LOVE what we do?

We love to provide Customers with Quality Devices & Colorways they have never experienced. Most Professional tools are pricey for a single Device. We are Here to provide the Similar products for Less. Most people can’t Afford Trimmers and Clipper sets. We Want our community to know we have their back, and what way to do that than to provide a product that performs without breaking the Bank. That’s what Drives us, That’s what keeps us moving.