Tomb45™️ No Drip Beard & Line up Color Enhancement – ONYX (Jet Black)


Bring your haircut to the next level with ENHANCEMENTS!

DON'T RISK using semi-permanent color and sending your client to the hospital! Tomb45 No Drip is a safe enhancement designed to use on the skin!

Adding Enhancements can make haircuts STAND OUT & RAISE THE VALUE of A Barbers Service! There are two colors to choose from. Onyx (dark black) is Great for Darker Hair/ Skin or those who prefer a very prominent hair/ beard line. Our Black/brown enhancement can be matched to almost anyone from lighter to darker hair/skin. The more color you spray the darker it gets. With Tomb45 No Drip you can achieve the most natural looking enhancements!

Line up & beard color enhancement:

  • Skin safe
  • Water resistant
  • Airbrush ready! Just shake and pour out of bottle
  • 2 colors to choose from Onyx (dark black) or Brown/Black
  • Best Used With Tomb45 BeamTeam XL Cordless Compressor

How to use NO DRIP:

  • Shake Well
  • Pour A small amount into CLEAN airbrush reservoir
  • clean clients skin
  • Test spray on your Klutch card template
  • Spray on to client ensuring color stains the skin not just the hair
  • try spraying from a distance first or use overspray for a more natural look
  • try using a spritz after service to "lock it in"
  • do not apply alcohol on client on enhanced areas, it will remove the color
  • clean airbrush

results may vary! we recommend clients keep dry and do not scrub enhanced areas for a longer lasting experience.

Check out @seancutshair Enhance His clients beard with Tomb45 NO DRIP:




 How To Clean & Maintain Your Compressor After Using NO DRIP:

  • use only the amount of color you need so color does not sit in reservoir for too long
  • dump remaining color after use
  • Spray cleaning solution or alcohol through airbrush before and after each use

Check out this in-depth video showing you how to DEEP CLEAN your Airbrush!