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The Goodfellas' Smile - Shibumi Straight Razor Kamisori - The Original

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Shibumi - Japanese style free-hand razor with interchangeable blades

The new free-shaving razor with interchangeable blades "Shibumi" is a product that is innovative in many respects. It mounts regular single edge razor blades and is designed with the smallest details in mind to guarantee maximum shaving comfort.
Forged in a single curved piece, Shibumi is the ultimate expression of simplicity, rigor, balance and maneuverability.

It is made of steel covered with "black" anti-rust industrial Teflon.

The material with which the handle is covered (manually wrapped by expert craftsmen), allows a firm grip throughout the shaving while the absence of the closable handle is the total synthesis of shaving.

Weight: 44gr
Length: 17cm