Styletek Deluxe Touch Coloring Gloves - Clear

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With most conventional, latex salon gloves come inevitable problems, such as the pair of gloves constantly tearing right as you pull them over your hands. This seems to be unavoidable with most brands of gloves, but with LucasBeauty salon gloves, beauticians claim to never have a problem with their gloves tearing, even when they stretch, pull, yank, and but the quality of the glove to the test with intense hair styling projects. LucasBeauty salon gloves are high quality and worthy of belonging in any professional beautician’s beauty supply. They’re non-latex. Instead, they’re made of vinyl, which has a looser fit, is anti-static (great for clients with dry, staticey hair), and is lightly powdered in order to be easily placed on your hand while feeling soft and comfortable. They’re disposable, but don’t seem like it due to their long-lasting durability. A LucasBeauty Salon Glove may even be able to be reused. Most disposable gloves cannot guarantee quality, but LucasBeauty salon gloves can guarantee it with full confidence. Not only are LucasBeauty salon gloves gentle on the skin of your hands because of its powdery feel, they’re also gentle on the hair and scalp of the clients you use the gloves on. Instead of catching and pulling on the hair of your clients, it glides without resistance during coloring and streaking jobs, making the dying experience much more comfortable and stress-free for both the client and you. There is no right or left glove; one glove fits both hands comfortably so you don’t have to stumble around searching for a certain glove in the box to fit a specific hand. Each box comes with exactly 100 gloves. You can choose to purchase the gloves in size small, medium, or large, depending on the size of your hands.