Stylecraft Smoothing Brush



Want to get smooth and strong locks naturally?


Our hair is considered our crowning glory. And how it looks like will determine whether we look like royalty or stressed out. This is why it's important to take good care of our tresses.

If you want to enjoy tangle-free locks and stronger roots the natural way, you might want to look into specially designed brushes. There are tools that can give you smoother hair and a cleaner scalp without putting your locks under the stress of extreme heat or synthetic haircare products.

Take care of your hair using the Stylecraft Smoothing Brush!

You don't have to use intense heat or harsh shampoos and conditioners to detangle your locks and clean your scalp. Our smoothing brush helps tease free even the most stubborn of tangles without breaking strands. Our smoothing brush comes with soft silicone bristles which provide a soothing sensation even as they pry apart tangled hair.

Brush through long, thick hair without straining your wrists. Our brushes come with ergonomic handles, meaning they're designed to fit naturally in the palm of your hand.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to get this brush:

✔ Suitable for men, women, and kids

✔ Great for wet or dry hair

✔ Easy to store

✔ Useful gift for friends and family

Enjoy luscious tresses every time you step out of the shower!











Often wake up with mussed locks? Or perhaps start to get knots in your hair after a tiring day? Our brushes are here to help. Our smoothing brush comes with staggered bristles to easily detangle tufted and matted hair.

The bristles are made using flexible silicone, so they can run through strands without pulling or tugging to prevent breakage and cuticle damage. The brush also helps spread sebum evenly through your hair, adding a natural shine to your locks