Stylecraft Magic Grip Hair Stickers


Stylecraft Magic Hair Stickers are lightweight and flexible that can be used to many purposes. The wider surface area holds more hair than traditional clips and are easier to use.  The textured pad holds hair in place or away from your face when cutting, trimming or clipping hair.  To use, simply brush hair in the direction you want it to go away from and gently push and slide the ticker onto the hair. Voila it stays!  No, it's not a sticky sticker, it will not hurt your hair or hard to get out, it's simply textured with fine little textured ridges so it holds the hair.

No need to struggle with bulky hair clips, barrettes, bobby pins, or painful gadgets.  Our grips work best for short, straight hair, and can be used on curly or wavy short length hair too. To remove, gently slide or pull off the hair/scalp until all hair is free. Works best with hair in divided into small sections.  Pull long hair into a pony tail and use around the face to catch all the baby hairs. Great for applying makeup to keep the hair off of your face for a fresh clean perspective.

They are also handy when styling, weaving, braiding, coloring, and designing up-do's. Magic Hair Stickers are perfectly sized and safe to use on dry or damp hair. They are 100% reusable and recyclable nylon for quick and easy to use with no other tools or special skills needed. They measure 2.5" inches by 4" inches wide and only weight ounces so it's not damaging to your hair or scalp.  100% reusable and washable in warm water, lay flat to dry.  Soft and flexible nylon resin material is durable.  No specials skills or other tools needed.

These hair stickers provide an excellent solution to stray hair strands that get in the way while you're cutting or styling. They're specially designed to provide a strong and non-slip hold, effectively keeping the top hair away from the face or the sides of the head. With these in hand, you no longer need to use hair clips, bobby pins, or other devices that are not only troublesome to work with but can also damage or hurt your hair or scalp. It's a more convenient alternative and one that doesn’t hurt at all.