Stylecraft Professional Fade and Cleaning Barber Hair Brush with 100% Natural Bristles Wood Handle

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The Best Little Hair Fade Brush for Barbers and Stylists starts here.  What makes the best fade brush?  Functionality, Quality, and Soft Bristles. Little size but makes a big impact!  The durable 100% natural Patagonian bristles gently brush away excess hair from the scalp during and after cuts. Its soft, tight bristles get even the most stubborn strands.


Versatile functionality that can be used on hair, tools, and blades.  Waterproof professional barber and hairstylist styling fade brush universally works with all types of hair. The comfort oval grip handle and design make it super easy to edge past hair while not straining your fingers and hand to hold onto it.


Fade brushes are vital to a barber and stylist’s reputation and quality of work.  Without the right tools you chance leaving your client looking unkept and unfinished. The wider design with soft bristles gently removes hair debris for a perfect fade. Soft bristles provide excellent comfort.



The small size is also great for travel fitting easily into your toiletry bag, makeup carrying case, purse, or even your pocket.  A modern and sexy Black color with sleek design.  Clean with disinfectant spray and dries quickly. Made in Argentina.


A convenient hole is placed on the bottom edge of the handle so you can pass through a 1/16th -inch string or chain at any length to assist in storage or easy access when hanging in your styling station or bathroom.


StyleCraft's Fade Brush easily removes hair to help identify any fade imperfections without hair sticking to the scalp.  Ideal for removing excess hair from fades, tools, and blades