Pacinos Signature Line Matte Paste - 2oz

Pacinos Signature Line Matte Paste - 2oz

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Pacinos Matte has no shine added allowing you to create modern hair styles with a natural look. Create classic and modern looks, such as the ceasar, the fohawk and the messy look. Strong long & lasting definition.

Pacinos hair products have a water-soluble formula making easy to wash out without any sticky residue.

Use for:
✓ Hair Paste
✓ Medium-Strong Hold
✓ No Shine
✓ Natural Look
✓ Definition and Texturing

Great for hair types:
✓ Straight
✓ Wavy
✓ Curly

How to use:

- Works best on clean, towel-dried/blow-dried hair, for the full Matte effect. 

- Use your fingers to work a small amount of product evenly throughout the hair.

- Repeat process until desired volume and hold is achieved.

- After applying, use a blow-drier (set on low heat) and style hair with hands or comb to achieve the desired look.

- Follow up with Pacinos Freeze for long-lasting hold, with a matte finish.