Pacinos Signature Line Freeze Hairspray - Extreme Hold & Volumizer

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Keep any hair style in place all day with the Pacinos Freeze Spray. Formulated for an extra strong hold. Can be used to achieve creative hairstyles such as standing textures, spiky or pieced looks and more. All of Pacinos hair products are water-soluble so that it rinses easily out of the hair without any buildup. 

Use for:
✓ Instant Hold
✓ Texturizer
✓ Volumizer
✓ All Hair Styles

How to use:

- Can be used on wet or dry hair.

- For maximum volume, spray on damp hair and blow dry with our Pacinos Round Brush.

- To use, hold bottle 6-8 inches away and spray evenly in sections.

- Freeze spray can be used alone, or in combination with any Pacinos styling product as a follow step to ensure full volume and a strong hold.