Pacinos Signature Line Beard & Face Scrub


Use for:
Moisturize Beard & Skin
Medium Shine

Aloe Vera
Tea Tree
Bamboo, Coconut, Walnut Micro Particles
✓ Skin Cleanser
Pore Cleanser
✓ Feel Refreshed

You don't use ordinary soap to shampoo your hair. So why would you wash your beard with ordinary soap? Our beard and face scrub exfoliates the skin with infused micro particles made or natural coconut, bamboo and walnut particles. It also contains skin moisturizing Aloe Vera and tea tree so that you get your beard and face spotless without over-drying. 

How to use:

- For optimal results, use daily.

- Wet face then pour a dime-size amount into hands and work into a lather. - Massage over entire face and beard in a circular motion.

- Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry with a towel.