Oster® Detachable Blade Size 1 1/2 5/32" Fits Titan, Turbo 77, Primo, Octane Clippers #76918-676


Oster Detachable Blades Fits Titan, Turbo 77, Octane Clipper

Fits Titan, Turbo 77, Primo, Octane Clippers

Oster® Professional blades are produced from the finest high-carbon steel and handcrafted to our rigorous standards, providing unparalleled precision and performance. Furthermore, our U.S. made blades are hardened to RC62-66 (Rockwell Scale C) in-house prior to receiving a cryogenic treatment which further enhances the hardening process. The blade cutting surfaces are then sharpened, finished and tested with proven Oster® proprietary processes, ensuring ultra-sharp blades that continue to stand the test of time. Available in multiple sizes for various cutting lengths and maximum versatility.