Marmara BARBER Styling Powder Wax


Marmara Barber Barber Comb No.33

Barber Powder Wax is a premium premium hairstyling product for men and women. The texture of our unique powder has been developed according to a special formula that makes "doing your hair" a real styling experience.

Volume powder consists of feather-light flakes, and thanks to the hair powder, you can distribute it delicately and economically on your towel-dried, dry or blow-dry hair. Barber Powder Wax has the special property of the classic matte powder, which not only creates a particularly "bouncy" volume for your hair, but also visibly and noticeably reduces the oil content of oily hair, similar to dry shampoo

>Of course, Barber Powder Wax is perfectly suitable for light colored hair, split ends, messy hair, porous hair, thick hair, fine hair, brittle hair, brittle hair as well as normal hair. This is because of the nature of the volumizing powder, which is designed in such a way that the hair does not dry out and is permanently infused with moisture from the hairline to the ends of the hair.

This ensures that your hairstyle always looks fresh and smooth without looking "damp". Because while styling your hair, tiny powder flakes melt in your hair and provide the necessary amount of moisture to make the hair look healthy and lively and to reduce hair loss in men.

Barber Powder Wax provides volume and texture with a natural and matte finish to all hair types and lengths.

This volumizing powder is reusable, making it an everyday styling powder.

If you want to add texture, volume or control to your hair without leaving white marks or greasy residue, this product is for you.