L3VEL3™ Powder Spray Bottle

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L3VEL3™ Powder Spray Bottle |  Barber - Hair Stylist Talc Spray Bottle | Barber Talc Dispenser

The L3VEL3 Powder Spray Bottle features a nozzle sprayer for applying powder and talc with a locking mechanism. The unique interior mechanism helps gather the product towards the inner tube, allowing for maximum product depletion, and less mess —comfortable barber talc dispenser or hairstylist powder dispenser for haircuts and hairstyling.

  • High-quality locking spray nozzle
  • Durable, and easy to use
  • Sturdy design Holds 180ml
  • Comfortable to hold and spray

Dimensions: 5.6 inches long.

Capacity: 180 ml.

Color: Clear container with black spray nozzle.