L3VEL3™ Neck Brush Set - 2 Pack

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L3VEL3™ Neck Duster Brush Set | Haircut Cleaning Brush Kit | Barber Brush

Elegant and professional, with its black, heavy duty all-resin handle, strong stand-alone stand-up base, this professional-grade brush kit is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The all-resin handle offers significant benefits over wooden hair cutting brushes as it is long-lasting, resistant to water and won’t deteriorate over time.

  • Comfortable, and durable grip
  • Professional sturdy, elegant look
  • Strong stand alone stand up base
  • Soft hair bristles which ensures easiness on skin

Dimensions: 6"  and 5" respectively.

Color: Black.

Package includes 2 x hair duster brushes.