L3VEL3™ Hair Lining Pencils - Black

L3VEL3™ Hair Lining Pencils - Black

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L3VEL3™ Hair Engraving Pencils - Black Color| Hair Tattoo Pen | Portrait Lining Pencils - 6 Pack

Inspired by Anthony Reyes, The Level 3 Liner Pencils - 6 Pc - Black Color are the perfect choice for creating trending hair tattoos, hair portraits, and all your creative hair designs. Lightweight material provides maximum comfort and stability. The Precise, sharp pen tips deliver maximum accuracy and details for your designs.

  • Elegant, lightweight design
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Each pen includes a pen tip cover case
  • Perfect for hair engraving/hair portraits
  • Delivers precise, and sharp lines

Dimensions: Pen liner is 7.25 inches long.

Includes: 6 liner pencils in black color.