Immortal NYC

Immortal NYC The "Intense" Man Pomade Styling Wax


The Immortal 🗽 Nyc  Exclusive:

Delivers a Extra Strong Hold without making your hair heavier,protects your hair against abrasive affects of moisture for an extended period of time,let’s you apply fashionable styles by creating perfect textures thanks to its special Pomade & Wax contents and not to mention most famous perfume has it here!

This Super concentrated low-maintenance formula works on any hair type length,thickness or texture. 

Create dapper looking styles with its incredible definition and texture that fits for men, women and kids! Plus,whith an all-day hold so you can create a polished look for any hair style!


3.4 Oz / 100 Ml

Travel Size-Long Lasting-Water Soluble 👌