Immortal NYC

Immortal NYC CBD Cream Pomade


The Immortal 🗽 Nyc  Exclusive:


Delivers unbelievable bulkiness and extra ordinary  texture with a gravity-defying formula. Emphasize your hair without any oily look, thanks to its CREAMY pomade structure that gives your hair the whole day the Strong Firm Hold and the Low Shine Natural Brightness Matte look with a fresh soothing scent! 


This Super concentrated low-maintenance with a Hemp-Oil formula works on any hair type length,thickness or texture. 

Create dapper looking styles with its incredible definition and texture that fits for men, women and kids! Plus,whith an all-day hold so you can create a polished look for any hair style!


Hemp Oil-Based pomade increases thickness and promotes new growth by nourishing hair with protein and fatty acids!

✔️ Stimulates hair growth

✔️ Thickening the hair

✔️ Reviving damaged hair

Low Shine Natural Brightness Look || EXTRA STRONG | HEMP OIL

3.4 Oz / 100 Ml

Travel Size-Long Lasting-Water Soluble👌