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Hevie Boricua Butter 5oz

Hevie Boricua Butter 5oz

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Hevie Boricua Butter is white raw Shea Butter whipped down with the finest Argon, Jojoba and other natural oils , creating a smooth, soft, easy to apply butter cream that has the most amazing undeniable fragrance! Boricua Butter has so many  hair, beard and body benefits that we could only list a few. Boricua Butter quickly repairs the skin from dryness and inflammation. Reliefs itching and scaling caused by Eczema and Psoriasis. Reduces acne, blemishes and serves as a great moisturizer. Boricua Butters powerful blend of natural ingredients helps reduce stretch marks for both men and woman alike. Boricua Butter is completely Irresistible and unmatched‼️ 

Unlike Cocoa Butter is non-comedogenic, which means that it WON’T clog your pores -clogged pores cause for bacteria to be trapped under the skin with the result of acne, pimples and inflammation.

It’s a no-brainer to chose our Boricua Butter over chemical-filled products found nowadays on the market.

The easy consistency and amazing smell of this butter will get you hooked from the very first try. It comes in 5 fl oz and a bit of it will go a long way. 

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