Hevie Enhancement - Semi-Permanent Platinum Gray Beard & Hair Dye

$16.25 $24.99
$16.25 $24.99you save $8.74

Hevie Enhancement is a ready to use Black, Brown, and Platinum Gray semi-permanent dye that has been balanced to provide a beautiful smooth finish bringing the haircut Beard work or designs to the next level regardless of hair texture. 💈⛽️💈⛽️💈

Hevie Enhancement doesn’t run or clog compressors. (Wired or Wireless) NO PROBLEM💯 Hevie Enhancement dries in seconds after applying. Hevie Enhancement last approximately 4-6 days based on clients level of activity. Remind your clients to be light around the edges in the shower! For optimal performance ensure your wireless compressor output 30PSI or greater, most wired compressors are preset at 50PSI output from the manufacture!

Each bottle of Hevie Enhancement has been equipped with a stainless steel 1/8 inch ball so that with every shake the enhancement reacts with optimal performance. Barbers across the country are raving about the time saved trying to mix other brands which leads into the service time increasing and getting messy.

Hevie Enhancement bottles are 2.5oz / 75ml which will provide that amazing finish for 25-28 clients per bottle.

There is nothing on the market that compares in price or performance.  Barbers across the country are immediately raising their services prices and confirming Hevie Enhancement is creating a look that brings clients back sooner for another service. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆