Guise Etiquette

Guise Etiquette 3 Head Rotary Shaver

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Triple Blade Action

Do you want a high powered electric razor that cuts hair fast for a smooth shave?

Do like the idea of pain free shaving that causes less irritation compared to other foil shavers or traditional manual razors?

The GUISE ETIQUETTE S05 Ion Series has an ultra high powered motor to ensure you get an awesome shave every single time you use it.

S05 Ion Series Features:

  • 7500 RPM Ultra Power Motor
  • 3 Reflexive Rotary Heads with Foil Guards
  • Back Pop Up Trimmer for Precision Grooming
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Fast Charging Removable Cord

Charge your shaver overnight and it’s good to go for 30 straight minutes of continuous shaving and trimming.

Great for Beginners or Experts

Because the high speed rotary blades are reflexive, they easily fit the exact contours of any man’s face, neck and jawline.

The protective foil ensures only hair gets cut without any risk of damaged skin or irritation.

This razor is perfect for anyone who wants a fast and clean shave, including first time beginners like boys and teens.


GUISE ETIQUETTE has developed superior grooming products which help make your daily grooming routine effortless. Built with stainless steel blades, the S05 3-Head Rotary Shaver provides you with a smooth and pain free shave. Each reflex rotary blade individually adjusts to the contour of your face and neck for maximum coverage and comfort.