Gamma+ Compact Hair Dryer Diffuser - Transparent


Curly hair always looks pretty on anyone, but maintaining them can be a struggle if we don't have the right accessories. Improper care for our locks, especially when drying them, can result in dry, frizzy, and damaged strands. And nobody likes a bad hair day.  You actually don't have to risk hair damage and frizz when drying your hair. With the right tool, you can easily dry your beautiful locks while adding volume and defining your tresses.  Using regular blowers can destroy your luscious curls, making them look dull and lifeless. But with the help of this attachment, you can eliminate frizz, boost volume, define curls, and enhance the shine of your hair with ease. Our hairstyling tool is designed with 3D prong fingers and drying vents that create 360° of airflow. With this, the air reaches your roots and tips simultaneously to ensure that each strand is evenly dried while preventing hair damage. The diffuser’s larger than typical size speeds up drying, so you save more time while getting ready. What's great about this 1.5-inch diameter accessory is that it's extremely durable and easy to use. All you have to do is place it face down on a solid surface and insert your dryer's nozzle into its opening. Just make sure to push your blower in firmly. The diffuser will stay in place without falling, no matter how much you use it.  Eliminate frizz, boost volume, define curls and enhance shine, with 360 degrees of airflow.  Save time with quick-drying-extra-large design speeds up drying time for even the thickest, longest, curly hair.  3d prong fingers with drying vents allow even airflow that simultaneously reach the roots and tips.

Wash/condition your hair and towel-dry.  Add anti-frizz products or conditioner.  Place the diffuser face down on a solid surface (3D prongs on surface). Insert dryer nozzle into diffuser opening.  Push down firmly.  Set the dryer to low or medium heat and place a section of curls into the diffuser bowl.  Move the diffuser gently over hair using soft airflow for redefined curls.