ESSEL Smiling Dino Styling Kids Cape


Made from designed and printed silkarah fabric! This is NOT a vinyl/pvc product.

This fun kids cape has a cartoon smiling dinosaur print  that keeps your little kiddo client smiling the whole hair cut!

* A “medium-plus” weighted material

*Water Resistant

*The ESSEL Neckline. Our neckline has been created with a waterproof sealant inside the material to drastically reduce the water that would seep into the skin. While offering the guest a wonderful material feeling on the skin.

*29″X36″ (extra length for a full 36″ long childs cape)

*Heavy Duty Snaps and neckline fit a child for their first hair cut, all the way up to an 8-10 year old range.

*Made with water wicking fiber that ESSEL uses to help keep clients dry

*Precision edge. Each cape has a 45 degree edge sewn in to keep the cape from de-threading during washes

*Dino Print