Jersey Shore Barber Company

BarberShop FX707 Replacement Gold T-Blade 2.0mm Deep Tooth

$18.07 $28.99
$18.07 $28.99you save $10.92

BarberShop standard replacement  are designed to fit all BaBylissPRO® FX787 and FX726 models.

With a diamond-like carbon surface treatment process, the long-life blade stays sharp.

The advantage is that the hardness is extremely high, the blade remains sharp continuously, the blade temperature is low, and it is not easy to overheat. Create a premium trimming experience.

Maintains peak performance and is easy to install and clean.

Replacement blades are heat resistant for a cooler, more comfortable smooth cut.

This blade is perfect for thick, coarse hair and less sensitive skin. Blade clearance adjustable

Save money instead of buying brand new equipment

**This is not an official product of BaBylissPRO®**