BaBylissPRO EtchFX


The T-blade gives an additional 25% more blade than a standard U-blade, so when removing bulk, larger amounts of hair can be taken at a time. The T-blade, is easier to create nice crisp straight lines on the sides of the neck and all around the hairline because the blade is longer. Using the edge of the T-blade circles and intricate designs can be drawn perfectly. Thanks to the specially designed adjustment tool, the blades will always be flush with each other for precise, clear results, safely. One side of the tool is designed to set the blade to zero; the other side is for resetting it for regular use and get back to a cutting height of 0.5mm.

Precision engineered stainless steel 40mm T-blade with zero gap adjustment feature
• Powerful DC motor
• 5 600 movements of blade per minute
• Slim, lightweight, silent, low heat
• 4 comb guides 3-6-10-13 mm
• 3 m professional power cord
• Includes oil and cleaning brush
• Dual voltage