3versince PDR Modified Blade

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~Edition of 2000 pcs~



Fits Wahl Clipper, Taper 2000, Designer, Super Taper II, Senior, Icon, Super Taper, Pro Basic, 5 Star Balding, 5 Star Legend, 5 Star Magic Clip, 5 Star Senior and any Caliber clipper that uses an adjustable blade as long as the blade length is 38-39mm.

A Revolutionary Fading Experience 

Our new 2191 style blade has been fully remastered & optimized to provide the user with an effortless fading experience.

Forged out of 3 perfectly balanced steel blends including Japanese High-Carbon steel, 440c & SK5, all coated with teflon to create less surface tension against the skin.

This unique mixture of steels allows the blade to achieve an ideal balance with a superior edge & lasting performance.

Paired alongside a 3D Printed Zirconia-Ceramic motion blade to cut down on fading time by removing the balding line with ease.

Perfect for achieving a smooth skin-tight blend





✔️ 2x Sharper than conventional steel blades

✔️ Makes crisp/crunch sound

✔️ 2x More Heat Resistant

✔️ Rust-impermeable