3versince ES4 Modified Blade



GammaPlusna® Absolute Hitter, Evo, Protege, Wahl detailer, Caliber 38 Special and most Kemei trimmers. 


The sharpest modified blade on the market

 ES4 modified blade delivers the ultimate in precision lining.

Triple honed for the sharpest setting.

Polished corners for comfort. 

Ideal for high-precision / detail oriented barbers.

Rip through bulk with a single pass or create the sharpest edge-up with minimum hand pressure.



✓ 0.3 mm T-wide blade 

✓ Deep-tooth cutter 

✓ Black diamond-like carbon coating 

✓ Individually hand sharpened 

✓ Interchangeable drivers

 Zero-gap ready



• Fine lining & detailing

• No fraying or skin irritation

• Maintains sharpness 3x longer