Stylecraft Heat Stroke - Cordless Beard and Hair Styling Hot Brush Black with Cool Touch Tips

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Fixing your beard and straightening your hair in the morning can be a hassle especially when you're pressed for time. But you simply can't rush the process, otherwise, you may not achieve the kind of look you want. You may even end up burning your hair. This leaves you wondering, is there a styling tool that can help you during such times?


Luckily, there is. Aside from being more efficient, it comes with a set of nifty features that you're going to love.  Style your hair and beard faster and more conveniently with the Heat Stroke Cordless Hot Brush from StyleCraft.

Our hot styling brush offers a better, quicker way of straightening your hair and beard to keep it looking neat and tidy. It lets you work on more strands with every stroke and is much easier to use than conventional styling tools.


One of the coolest features to love is that this wireless hot brush is its power bank function. It has a 5V USB port and 4500mAH maximum output capacity, which is generally enough to let you charge most devices.


Equipped with 3 heat settings: 310F°, 350F°, and 385F° and holds the heat charge for 60 minutes. This gives you more versatility, but more importantly, you can choose the appropriate heat setting that lets you achieve the right look without causing a lot of damage to your hair strands.


To top it all off, you also get a USB-Type C charger, Adapter, Safety Cap and a velvet carrying case to store the hot brush so you can take it with you on your travels. Portable, powerful, and perfect for taming short strands and beards.